To Tell the Truth

To Tell The Truth Ralph “Yankee” Arnold “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 To tell the Truth, I cannot lie “But what is truth?” was Pilate’s reply Was Truth placed on a cross that day? For Truth

The Time of My Life

HAPPY VALENTINE To the “TIME OF MY LIFE” by Ralph ‘Yankee” Arnold February 4th 2005 You were the prettiest thing I had ever seen I’d be your prince and you my queen We ran away at the midnight hour Your prince without armour, castle, or tower Anderson, Anderson, here we come Athens, Athens, where we

The Lord who Loves

The Lord who Loves By Ralph Yankee Arnold Do you know? Do you care? Will you go? Will you Share? The Lord I know For the Lost I care With the Lord I will go With the Lost I will share For Eternity is long And Eternal Hell is hot Not to go would be

Pearl of Great Price

Every pastor should be so blessed as to have in his church, a woman like Nancy Louise Smith. She was a Godly woman whose vibrant zeal touched many lives. Although her suffering was not a joy, she taught you how to joy through suffering. PEARL OF GREAT PRICE A tribute to Nancy Louise Smith By

It’s a Beautiful Day to go Home

Years ago, I had the privilege of conducting the funeral service for Bill Fergusen. His daughter Shelly (now Shelly Long), sang one of the prettiest song I’ve ever heard. It was called “What a Beautiful Day to go Home”. I just got to thinking about what could have been. Hope you like it. It’s a

Happy Birthday Betty Jean

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To BETTY JEAN PATTON September 1st Betty Jean was born Was it day or night, or early morn? Cute as a button from her head to her toe Pattons had other children, but wanted one mo It took 6 days to create the world; That was planned with her in mind, But it

A Friend to the End

A Friend to the End By Ralph “Yankee” Arnold February 1, 2005 A friend in need is a friend indeed For we are born with an empty cup For if one falls down, the friend’s around To encourage and lift you up A friend is there thru thick and thin When you’re right or when

A Flame in the Wind

What went ye out to see, A reed shaken by the wind? Not this man from Tennessee, To the Spirit only would he bend. O’ my friend, what went ye out to hear? The Gospel of Grace made crystal clear? Salvation by grace, tis the gift of God. Rewards are earned, but rebellion the rod.

An Offer I Could Not Refuse

“An Offer I Could Not Refuse” (written in honor of A. Ray Stanford on his 85th birthday) by Ralph “Yankee” Arnold on December 9th, 2001 Doctor Clifton L. Flowler presented the Good-News, To A. Ray Stanford who could not refuse. The free gift of salvation, that he could not lose, Then dedicated his life to

Golf is Gorilla Warfare

“Golf is Gorilla Warfare” Ralph Arnold (week-day warrior) Written after another excruciating day of golf. October 22, 2001 What possesses a man, to take a club in his hand, just to hit a little white ball? He plans as before, To better his score, And plays spring, summer, and fall. Sometimes I miss it, Or

Dying Grace

DYING GRACE by Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold Written January 9th , 1999, when I learned that my mother had cancer. She graduated 2004 Rest assured, that the God of all Grace will, grant to you and I, at the precise moment it is needed, the grace to face death, the last great enemy of man.