The Time of My Life

To the
Ralph ‘Yankee” Arnold
February 4th 2005

You were the prettiest thing I had ever seen
I’d be your prince and you my queen

We ran away at the midnight hour
Your prince without armour, castle, or tower

Anderson, Anderson, here we come
Athens, Athens, where we started from

The justice of the peace, not the secretary of war
Our love for each other is what we did it for

Your dad drove all night looking for me
Just to park my soul in eternity

With compassion at last, and a Bible in his hand
He led me to Christ, and I became a new man

Growing to maturity seem to take so long
To gain discernment between right and wrong

When it seems as though my wisdom did falter
Your testimony has been like the rock of Gibraltar

No man could ask more, for his wife to be
Than what you have been since you married me

A pearl of great price that is pure and just
A virtuous woman whom her husband doth trust

Out of two billion women, God led me to you
I’d do it again, and believe you would too

Now there’s gray in our hair, and furrows on our face
But your beauty is enhanced by your dignity and grace

Through all these years, this statement is true
I could not have made it, had it not been for you

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and love fills the air
I wrote you this poem, to show I still care