A Friend to the End

A Friend to the End
Ralph “Yankee” Arnold
February 1, 2005
A friend in need is a friend indeed
For we are born with an empty cup
For if one falls down, the friend’s around
To encourage and lift you up

A friend is there thru thick and thin
When you’re right or when you’re wrong
Not a judge, but a friend; who helps you to win
And turn heartaches into a song

A shoulder for rest or an ear to hear
Or a tear that says I understand
What a precious gift from friends so dear
As the friendship of Paul and Fran

We drove – we flew – with nothing to do
As we traveled this great land of ours
While the men would share just a word or two
The women could go on for hours

David had Jonathan, and Paul had Barnabas
And God sent Paul Strickland for me
But Betty and Fran were like peas in a pod
Joined together in perfect harmony

If the Lord should tarry, we know the Lord will carry
Our friends to their palace above
But here while we wait, whom there will he take
As the final proof of his love

The older we get we know heaven is next
And the death of a friend will bring pain
But hurt as it may, time will take it away
For the loss of our friend is her gain