Pearl of Great Price

Every pastor should be so blessed as to have in his church, a
woman like Nancy Louise Smith. She was a Godly woman
whose vibrant zeal touched many lives. Although her suffering
was not a joy, she taught you how to joy through suffering.


A tribute to Nancy Louise Smith
By her Pastor, Ralph “Yankee” Arnold on October 19th , 2002
(Nancy Louise Barber Smith died Friday, October 18th ,2002)
She graduated to her heavenly domain,
To which she’ll never die again.
Poems are written to express our thoughts,
Of those we love and lessons they’ve taught.

We watch their lives and survey it with care,
And stand in amazement as virtue is laid bare.

What you saw was for real; no pretense was found,
She permeated enthusiasm, where love did abound.

A pearl of great price is sure hard to find,
But Nancy Louise Smith was what God had in mind.

She loved her children, the joy of her life,
She honored the church, the Pastor and his wife.

She suffered so much in the last three years,
With the patience of Job, thru heartache and tears.

She asked not for pity, but grace to endure,
The physical afflictions for which was no cure.

She taught her children how to live,
That they may learn in turn to give.

She taught her children how to die,
That they learn thru God the reason why.

To sing for the Lord, was her true delight,
Singing in church, the ICU, or the middle of the night.

What more can be said to the tribute of our search,
Than the warmth she brought, to the bosom of our church.

She’s singing today, perhaps this very hour,
As heaven’s lead singer, in the Zillion Dollar Choir.