Jesse Martinez – Pastor

Pastor Jesse grew up in Calvary Community Church. He met his wife, Kyla, in the fellowship hall during an AWANA meeting. They were married in 2011. He attended Florida Bible College of Tampa from 2013-2017 and graduated with a bachelor’s in biblical studies. He has been in Christian work since 2012. Pastor Jesse is passionate in his preaching, approachable in conversation, and dedicated to making the gospel clear. He is currently filling in the positions of youth director and music director.

Kyla Martinez – Church Administrator

Like Pastor Jesse, Kyla also spent her teenage years attending Calvary. She is active in the organization of the church ministries and desires to make Calvary a place that people can call their church home. Kyla strives to be loving and enjoys working with children.

Youth Director

Calvary is diligently seeking for a young man to fill this position. Our prayer is that God would provide someone with a bible education and a passion to rebuild a teen youth program in these increasingly difficult times. If you are interested, please email for application information.

Music Director

Cavalry is diligently seeking a music director who is passionate about biblical worship. We are praying that God will send us someone who appreciates the good ole bible hymns, is talented in their leading of worship, and is willing to create a music ministry for others to serve in. If you are interested, please email for application information.